Hi! I'm Nicole.
I use technology to make the world a better place for humans.


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Bias in Machine Learning

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About Me

Nicole Shadowen is an American computer security professional who works for Mozilla as a Technical Research Analyst. Shadowen combines her technical acumen with an intuitive understanding of people to solve complex technology and socio-political challenges at individual to enterprise levels. Working with the Emerging Technologies group at Mozilla, she uses data analytics and risk mitigation practices to operationalize strategy in support of Mozilla’s Emerging Technology portfolio. Prior to Mozilla, Shadowen worked as Technical Solutions Architect for a security startup, conducting cyber security and operations evaluations with a focus on small and mid-sized businesses.

Nicole Shadowen’s thesis work on bias in artificial intelligence, combines her background in technology, criminal justice, and psychology, and has been published in a book on Transhumanism (released in July 2019). This work, as well as related technology articles, has been published on medium.com. At its core, Shadowen’s work is driven by a desire to ameliorate the human experience on a global level. She is particularly passionate about how technology impacts and complicates social justice issues, including the rights of women and marginalized groups, the United States criminal justice system, and organized international crime.

In her free time, Shadowen is a yoga teacher and teaches kids coding and robotics. She is located in the greater New York City area. Shadowen holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree in cyber security and digital forensics from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


I believe that we always have something more to learn. If you have any thoughts or things to share, please feel free to contact me here.

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